A fun approach to Develop your dancing

Adult Dance Classes In Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, Tango and More.


Group classes are great because you can practice what you’ve learned in your private lessons, and at the same time get exercise while spending time with friends.  It really is the best of both worlds.  It is also important to participate in group classes because it offers the challenge of practicing lead and follow with multiple partners.  Are you required to change partners?  No, changing partner is not required, but doing so will help you learn all aspects required for fun and efficient social dancing.

The Friend Factor

Group classes are a great place to meet new people and make friends.  You will find that your new dance friends are not only great fun, but they are also a source of encouragement in your learning process.  Dancing is just plain fun and learning to dance should be fun as well.  We believe in creating a fun and safe atmosphere where everyone has encouragement no matter at what level you are you are currently dancing.  Feeling your dance ability improving is pretty exciting but sharing that experience with friends is what memories are made of.

TV Or Not TV?

That is the question.  By the time we make it home from work after a long day, it is time to decide what to do.  While the TV may be calling your name and dent in the couch has your name on it, you will find that coming out to dance class is the best choice you can make.  No one goes to work the next morning saying I should have watched more TV last night.  Taking a group class after work can be just the right stress relief you need.

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Dance Classes FAQ

Do I need a partner to come to a dance?

No partner is necessary.

Do I need special shoes?

We recommend you wear comfortable shoes to move in.  No need to purchase dance shoes at the beginning.  Flats or pumps are fine as long as they stay on your feet and don’t have too much grip.  Rubber soles, sandals, and clogs are not recommended as they can make spinning difficult and can slip off your feet.

Is it possible to learn to dance for relaxation or will it add more stress to my life?

Dancing can be therapeutic and a fun way to exercise which reduces stress.

Do we have to change partners?

Changing partners isn’t required, but is encouraged for your dance development.  You will learn faster by dancing and practicing your lead or follow with multiple partners.

Can I dance if I have a busy schedule?

Not a problem, we have beginner classes throughout the week.  Come in, make some new friends and have a blast!