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Private Lessons Programs

Your friends are waiting for you!  Here at Vida Dance Club we are beginner friendly and serious about fun.  When you walk through these doors you are family and this family loves to dance.  We offer instruction in all dance styles and all levels.  No matter whether this is your first class, or you’ve been dancing for years, when you come into our dance club you’ll feel right at home.  The only rule is to be cordial and have fun.  Don’t know any dances yet?  Not a problem, we offer personalized private lesson dance programs that will get you dancing immediately.  Why wait?  Come in, start dancing and have fun!


What are they?

A lot of us dream of dancing and that dream falls into the someday category of our life.  Make that “someday” become today.  Many of our members recall the “someday” that they came in for their first private lesson.  Normal feelings are a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and fear.  At Vida Dance Club our goal is to put you at ease and show you how fun and easy learning to dance can be. Our private lesson programs are individualized time with your instructor, and are the fastest and most efficient method to develop your dancing.  Members find this time invaluable because it allows them to de-stress, have fun, and provides them with the tools and help needed to achieve their dancing goals.

The Scare Factor

Many people find the idea of ballroom dancing an exciting idea but also very scary.  We offer consultation lessons that are an easy and stress free way to try out private lessons.  Call us to schedule your consultation lesson today.

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Private Lessons are for Everyone

Private lessons are personalized dance programs for the individual or couple.  Your dance instructor will work with you to meet your dancing goals, while helping you explore the many fun dance activities we offer.  Many people think private lessons are only for serious dancers or children.  The truth is private lessons are for everyone.  Whether your goal is to just have fun, get ready for a cruise, or to dance in a showcase program, your private lesson time is dedicated time to help you enjoy life and reach your dancing goals.

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Private Lessons FAQ

Do I need a partner to learn to dance?

No partner is necessary

Can I learn at my own speed?

Yes!  That is the great benefit of our personalized private lesson programs.  You have a teacher who can adapt to your learning style and cater to your goal.

I’ve been pressured to do dance performances at other studios, If I take lessons with a Vida Dance Club instructor, will I have to perform?

The Vida Philosophy is that we are beginner friendly and serious about fun.  We encourage members to set personal goals and we celebrate them with you regardless of whether that’s dancing at a wedding, a showcase or just developing better posture.

I’ve always wanted to dance, is it ever too late to start?

We teach individuals of all ages and experience levels.  Our goal is to take what you know (even if it’s just walking) and show you how fun and easy it is to learn to dance at any age.

I have a very stressful job, can I take lessons for fun or do I have to practice technique?

We see fun as an essential part of learning.  Technique is necessary to keep you safe while dancing and to help you achieve your goals but we are very creative with how we approach technique.  Many of our members have actually told us that they would have started learning to dance much sooner if they had known how much fun it would be.

Can I dance even if I have a busy schedule?

Yes, depending on your schedule, we can find a time that works for you whether it’s daytime, evening, or weekend.  Call Vida Dance Club today at (657) 236-4742 to see when we may schedule your first appointment.