Ready, Set, Dance! Showcase Program

The fun and exhilaration of performance dancing awaits you!

In the Spotlight

Ready, Set, Dance!  This is your opportunity to experience the glitz and glam of stepping out to perform a “Dancing with the Stars” © style performance.  Choose your favorite musical piece, put on that outrageous costume you always dreamt of wearing and jump in the spotlight.  This is a perfect opportunity to express yourself to your favorite Classical, Jazz, Latin, or Rock song that’s always on your mind.  Whether it be a Swing, Salsa, or Classical Ballroom dance, you know your performance is bound to entertain.

A Team Effort

Not ready to jump in the spotlight?  Join a Vida Dance Club formation performance, where you will have an opportunity to participate in a choreographed group dance.  With the support of your instructor and teammates, you will experience growth as both a dancer and performer.  Greatest of all, you will share the sense of accomplishment with friends who want to see you succeed and will applaud your every improvement.


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Join the Crowd

Is choreography not your thing? No problem, you may still enjoy dancing your favorite dances whether it be Cha Cha, Tango, Disco, Mambo or anything else as part of our fun, freestyle group dances.  We’ll play the music, and you dance your favorite moves of your choice.  Either way, being part of our showcase event is not something you will want to miss.

Showcase FAQ

How do I participate?

Call Vida Dance Club today and sign up for our next Showcase event.

Is there enough time for me to participate?

We hold showcases events twice a year so you will have plenty of time to work on your dancing and participate.

Do I need to find a partner?

If you need a partner, we can partner you with one of our instructors, or possibly even with another club member.

Do I have to choose only one?

We encourage you to participate in as many events as possible to help you get the fullest experience and enjoyment from your dancing.

I’m not a performer, is the showcase program right for me?

Yes, showcases are a blast!  You don’t have to be a natural performer to participate, just come ready to have a lot of fun and enjoy the experience with your fellow dancers.