Ditch the high school sway And dance the night away!

Say goodbye to worry!

Vida Dance Club’s Wedding Dance Program builds confidence, makes you feel comfortable and helps you look natural on your special day.  We provide everything from a simple dance to a choreographed routine.  Ditch the high school sway and dance the night away with spins, twirls, and romantic dips.  Your first dance will be a vivid memory as well as the start of a beautiful life together.

The First Dance Is About You

Take some time for yourselves.  So much of the wedding planning experience involves the stressful coordination of schedules, setting dates, securing venues, and everything else.

Wedding dance lessons are great for a couple in so many ways.  They allow you to spend valuable time focusing on each other while having fun.  Additionally, you will enjoy sharing the experience of learning and accomplishing something new as a team.  These experiences will create lasting memories that you will enjoy building upon for years to come.

What many wedding couples find is that after the big day and honeymoon have passed, real life returns.  For couples who have learned to dance, the after-honeymoon blues can be whisked away with a fun night out dancing.  Learning to dance with your partner is an amazing gift that you will find continues to give throughout your marriage.

Honor Dances and Wedding Parties

Make your wedding day more than just a memory, make it an experience that people will talk about for years to come.  When you include your parents or wedding party into your wedding dance plans, you include everyone dear to you to join in and celebrate the occasion.  Additional dances such as honor dances can be scary for parents too, and getting up in front of family or friends can be intimidating.  We can help you and your parents feel comfortable and make it an enjoyable moment you both look forward too. For wedding parties, line dances and simple choreography can make it a fun experience that allows everyone to join in the dancing.

Weddings FAQ

We are getting married this weekend. Do we have time to learn to dance?

There is still time to prepare for your first dance, contact us today for scheduling. With a little time we will teach you to be comfortable and relaxed for your special day.

How soon should we start learning to dance before the wedding day?

Wedding dances are as unique as each individual couple.  We recommend that you schedule your Wedding Dance Special as early as possible. With our consultative approach, we will find a program that meets your needs and scheduling.

How do we choose a song for our first dance?

We can help you in a couple ways.  If you have some songs you like, bring them in and we can determine what dance style fits your music.  No songs picked out? No problem!  We have music choices for you to listen to and choose from.

What if we’re unsure about taking wedding dance lessons?

Many couples are unsure if they want to take lessons or if they have the time to do so.  That is why we offer a low-cost Wedding Dance Special for only $20.  If you are nervous, unsure, or doubt if you have time for lessons, then call Vida Dance Club at 657-236-4742 and discuss your concerns with our service team.