Learn the SECRETS of Ballroom Dancing , Without Feeling Awkward or Looking Like a Beginner.

Experience More Fun, Confidence and Romance with Social Dance Classes at Orange’s #1 Ballroom Dance Studio.

Educate Yourself

Our FREE dance lesson guide educates you on your lesson options and gives you a clear path to avoiding common beginner purchasing mistakes.

Dance Classes in Orange Month View

  • Fri Aug.23
    Open Lindy Hop
  • Fri Aug.23
    Bootcamp East Coast Swing
  • Fri Aug.23
  • Fri Aug.23
    Super Social Dance Party
  • Mon Aug.26
    Open Hustle
  • Mon Aug.26
    Open NC Two Step
  • Mon Aug.26
    Open WC Swing
  • Mon Aug.26
    Bootcamp Hustle
  • Tue Aug.27
    Open Cha Cha
  • Tue Aug.27
    Open EC Swing
  • Tue Aug.27
    Open Rumba
  • Tue Aug.27
    Bootcamp Rumba
  • Wed Aug.28
    Open Foxtrot
  • Wed Aug.28
    Open Waltz
  • Wed Aug.28
    Open Tango
  • Wed Aug.28
    Bootcamp Tango
  • Thu Aug.29
    Open Bachata
  • Thu Aug.29
    Open Merengue
  • Thu Aug.29
    Open Salsa
  • Thu Aug.29
    Bootcamp Salsa


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Dance Classes Anaheim

“A beginner friendly and fun studio. Whether you have any dance experience or not, this is the place to be. The teachers are very talented, explain the steps and progressions well and celebrate your victories with you.

It’s hard to explain, it’s more than that. They are good people. I like being around good people. No pretense here, the atmosphere is great, no competition or comparison. Everyone is so helpful.”


Dance Classes Orange

“Do you want to learn to dance in a comfortable environment without judgement? Come to this place! Miguel and his staff are the friendliest, most positive teachers you could ask for!

After finishing our introductory individual and group lessons my husband and I signed up for more! The location and times are very convenient and the other dancers are super friendly! We highly recommend Vida Dance Club!”

-Joan M.

Singles Dance Lessons

“Go to Vida Dance Club! It is a great place to learn dance basics and then grow from there. It’s an all level studio.

Very friendly and fun with a relaxed atmosphere. Miguel and Julia are wonderful people as are their staff. Take a chance, dancing is great! Have fun!”

-Jenny T.

Dance Classes Yorba Linda

“They make learning to dance a fun experience and I always want to go back! The instructors have the patience of “Job” with a smile and won’t let us give up.

We have come so far since our first lesson. The dance party on Friday night is great fun with good people. I am so glad Larry found Vida Dance Club.”

-Peggy M.

“We’ve been dancing here for a year and a half now and we love it. The teachers are amazing and really show that they care.

Our technique has grown so much from when we first started and we owe it to the staff and their continuous encouragement. Definitely recommend taking classes here!”

-Anthony L.

Looking for Dance Lessons in Orange to Overcome "Two Left Feet", Feel Confident on the Dance Floor or to Add a Little Romance to Your Life?

Welcome to Vida Dance Club

“Feel Good, Have Fun, Dance with Vida!”

Dance Lessons in Orange at Vida Dance Club

1216 N Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92867

Discover the joy of dancing with dance lessons in Orange at Vida Dance Club, your local dance studio that’s beginner friendly and serious and fun.

Our unique dance system combines our signature “Ballroom Bootcamp” method which gives you an instant immersion experience to accelerate your learning and provide you with the repetition needed to build coordination and muscle memory.

Come to Vida Dance Club today to see our positive, welcoming, high energy community in action and start your journey to getting more enjoyment out of life!


If you’re new to dancing, start with the article below.

Otherwise, click the appropriate link of interest.


Wedding Dance Lessons
About Vida Dance Club
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Ballroom Dance Lessons & Dance Classes In Orange County

If you’re reading this, you may be going through the same steps I did when I was looking for a little help on the dance floor.

I sought a cure for “Two Left Feet” and…

“I wanted to have more fun out of life.”


I remember…

Not knowing how to dance left me feeling embarrassed and sidelined at social events.

Lack of dance “know-how” kept me from developing relationships and made it hard for me to go out, socialize and have fun.  Over the years I learned…

“It wasn’t just me or single individuals who looked to
dance for more enjoyment out of life.”


I learned many couples look to dancing to help bring them closer together and to help them
add a little romance to their relationship.

I also remember when I was new to dancing I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to look for.

“As a beginner I just wanted to learn how to dance.”


I didn’t want to…

1) Be pushed into high priced franchise packages.
2) Sign up for a professional dance competition.
3) Be a speed bump in an overcrowded ballroom.

“This is why we’re so excited to welcome you to

Vida Dance Club.”


Because we’re NOT…

1) Concerned with signing you up for a lifetime contract.
2) Covering you from head to toe with shiny rhinestones.
3) Packing you and others into a ballroom like sardines.

Our goal is to help you start dancing in a fun, beginner friendly environment,
where there’s NO negativity, cliques or judgement.

“We focus on developing your skills and

helping you achieve your goals.” 


Whether you’re wanting to go out dancing with the confidence and skills to impress…

Look natural and feel comfortable on the dance floor or,

Just wanting to add a little romance to date nights, you’ve come to the right place.

“Our club is perfect for you.”


If you are looking to start dancing in a welcoming social community,
where you can be yourself and just have fun…

Call now to learn how you can get started:


5 Steps to Start Dancing

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  • Step 1: Get the Guide
  • Step 2: Talk to Us
  • Step 3: Try Dancing
  • Step 4: Select Your Program
  • Step 5: Follow Up

Start Here

Educate Yourself

Our FREE dance lesson guide educates you on your lesson options and gives you a clear path to avoiding common beginner purchasing mistakes.

Let Us Help you

Have a relaxed and informed conversation in our lounge with a trained dance consultant.  You’ll learn what options are available and which program would be the best fit for you.

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Dance with Vida


We let you try and experience your dancing options in a no pressure environment. We’re all about making dancing fun, just show up and we’ll take care of the rest.

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What's Your Interest?

Rest Assured, we’ll help you find the right program that meets your interests and needs.  Our programs will help guide you to the level of dancing you desire.

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You Matter to Us

To make sure you’re 100% satisfied and enjoying your dancing, we’ll follow up and perform regular program reviews.  If you have any concerns regarding your Vida experience, just let us know and we’ll and we’ll make things right, guaranteed.

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Upcoming Dance Classes and Parties


Our members enjoy taking dance lessons and classes in all styles of dancing:
Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Tango and more.

Click here to download the current calendar.

Dance lessons Yorba LindaBallroom Dance Lessons

Build Confidence

Enjoy dancing Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, Tango or your Wedding Dance at Vida Dance Club. Our dance studio offers beginner friendly adult Ballroom dance classes and private lessons in a supportive, high energy environment that makes learning to dance fun and easy.

Regularly attending your ballroom lessons, classes and social dance parties will help you build confidence, meet new people, and burn unwanted calories. If you’re ready to have fun, then wait no more and call Vida Dance Club today to start dancing.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dancing Is

Elegant and Romantic

The beauty and elegance of Ballroom dancing awaits you! You’re only steps away from gliding across the dance floor when you join our adult beginner Ballroom dance classes and dance lesson program.

During lessons you’ll learn the fundamentals of movement and partnering that will enable you to dance in almost any social situation. If you live in the City of Orange, Yorba Linda, Anaheim or any surrounding cities and are looking for beginner Ballroom dance classes in a dance studio near you, check out Vida Dance Club.

Salsa Dance Lessons

Salsa Dancing Is

Fun and Flirtatious

Experience the joy of learning how to dance Salsa the fun way! Our Salsa dancing classes and private dance lessons programs will take you step by step, teaching you how to dance solo or with a partner.

You’ll learn a variety of turns and moves that will help you connect with your partner and shine on the dance floor. While you’re here, you’ll want to make sure to take some Merengue and Bachata dance lessons to help prepare you for the ultimate club experience.


Swing Dance Lessons

Swing Dancing Is

Youthful and energetic

Are you ready to jump, jive and wail? People are taking Swing dance lessons, learning new moves and having fun at our dance studio, you should be too!

Swing dancing is a youthful, energetic way of moving that jazz dancers have been enjoying since the late 20’s. If you enjoy music such as Big Band, Boogie Woogie or Rock and Roll, Swing dance classes are the thing for you.


Wedding Dance Lessons - Vida Dance Club - Orange, CA | Orange County

Wedding Dance Lessons

a beautiful experience

You’ve hired a wedding planner, secured the perfect venue and planned for an amazing reception, what’s left… wedding dance lessons! Say goodbye to worrying, we’ve got you covered. Wedding dance lessons at Vida Dance club will help you look natural and feel comfortable come your wedding day.

Whether you seek dance lessons for a simple, romantic number to a full out choreographed routine, we’ll help you set your spins, twirls and dips to your wedding song. Just think, your wedding dance will be more than a vivid memory, but the start of a beautiful life together.


Orange Dance

Ballroom Dancing

can change your life

You’re invited! At Vida Dance Club, dancing is a blast and we can’t wait for you to join us for our many opportunities to have fun. Throughout the year, we host a wide variety of special events.

Some include special events include: dance cruises, dinner dances and shows, charity events and formal balls. There is always something happening at Vida Dance Club. If you like to have a great time and socialize with friends then our club is the place for you.

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Our Dance Studio is Beginner Friendly and Serious About Fun!

Miguel and Julia are great about addressing their students' goals. Whether you're getting married and want to prepare a first dance for your wedding or you're looking to take up dancing as a new hobby or you've been dancing for a while and want to improve your social dance skills or get involved in competitions, they will come up with a program that will help you achieve this.
~ Hermelinda A.